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Gottschalk Dollhouse with Garage

Wonderful 1925 Tudor style Moritz Gottschalk dollhouse with a garage.  The green door on the front porch opens into an entry hall that leads to the living room and staircase.  The porch on the right side of the house houses a small closet with a toilet and small window.  There is a second door on the side porch that also opens into the entry hall.  Above the side porch is a lovely balcony with a door that opens into the second floor staircase landing and leads into the bedroom through a small white door.

The third floor attic room is accessed from the back through a large hatch in the roof.  The attic has a large room with a small alcove on the right.

There is no floor or wall paper, just the original white paint.

The charming garage on the left side of the house has double green painted doors with a long black metal latch.  The inside of the garage has wall and floor paper and a double window with a window screen on one side.  So cute!

This dollhouse is all original with no repairs or repainting.  It has all original wall and floor papers, interior and exterior doors with hardware.  The single steps to the front and side porch are original, looks like the garage had something in front of it at one time, that now is missing.  The original chimneys with pots are

wonderful.  The original flower boxes in front of the second and third story windows are missing the flowers.

The curtains in the house are old but not original.  

The house has the typical Gottschalk cracks in the wood, there is a crack in the gray wood piece running along the front of the house, one in back wall about halfway across, and some small ones under the first and second story window boxes and over the garage doors.  In the living room there is a small hole in the floor where a knot in the wood fell out.

The house measures 24 3/4" wide, 12 1/2" deep, and 23" tall to the top of the chimneys.  Minor wear to the paint and papers, not bad for a 95 year old toy.

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