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German Painted Bisque Bride & Groom Tied in Original Box

Wonderful German painted bisque bride and groom dolls still tired in their original box in near mint condition. The bride is about 3 1/4"

tall and the groom is about 3 1/2" tall, it was a little hard to measure them in the box.

The only issues I found was a few paint flecks missing on the grooms top hat, and two spots on the bride's left arm that didn't get painted at the factory.  The groom's hands are not painted but I think that was to make it look like he is wearing gloves. 

Looking at these close-up pictures I just noticed that the groom has an area just under the left side of his chin that didn't get painted at the factory.  You can hardly notice this when you look at him, but I wanted to point it out.


                                                                                                          Item 330

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