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German Red Stain Bed with Old Mattress & Sheets

Old German red stain bed in beautiful condition with what may be the original mattress (it is made a lot like the old Tynietoy mattresses) and a nicely made sheet, pillow, and pillow case.

The bed measures 5 1/4" long and 3 3/4" tall at the head and footboards.  As is often the case I never seem to notice flaws until I start going over things very closely when I'm listing something for sale.  What I noticed on this bed are two nail issues that look to me to be factory flaws.  On the left side rail near the headboard you can see where the nail pushed the wood out a tiny bit.  The second is again a nail that took a bigger piece out on the inside of the bed rail.  It doesn't show unless you remove the mattress.  Again I had this bed for many years and never noticed either of these flaws.  

Item 309


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