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"Steel Doll Furniture" 6 pc. furniture set in original box

"Steel Doll Furniture" manufactured by "Chicago Ferrule & Nut Co., Chicago Ill."  I'm guessing by the graphics on the box and the style of the furniture that this set was made around 1920.  The box is in very good condition for its age, but it does have a spilt in one corner of the top.

The metal furniture, representing a bedroom with nursery pieces, is in very good condition

structurally but the paint is flaking off badly.

The set includes a bed, 4" long & 3 1/4" wide, a dresser, 3" long & 3 1/4" tall, a chair and a rocking chair both 4 1/8" tall, a cradle, 2 1/2" long, and a high chair (I think) 2 7/8" tall.

The box measures 11 3/4" long, 9 3/4" wide, and 

3" deep.


Item 299

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