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Grandmother Stover's Large Breakfast Set

Wonderful Grandmother Stover's Breakfast Set on original 6" by 4 1/2" card includes blue metal coffee pot, 2 blue cups, 2 blue saucers, a toaster (looks metal to me) a cardboard platter with bacon and eggs, 2 cardboard plates with pancakes, 2 cardboard plates with grapefruits, and a "New York Times" newspaper.  

The cellophane is torn near the top and is discolored, and there is a small spot on the card under the left grapefruit.  I did take the card out of the cellophane for the picture as it was already open and I did not

disturb anything.  Grandmother Stover's booklet in the back of the package has pictures of the other large set that were made.


Item 290

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