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Grandmother Stover's Nursery Set

Large Grandmother Stover's Nursery set in the original 6" by 4 1/2" package includes the baby with pink blanket (some old tape residue) blue plastic roly poly toy bear, pick and blue plastic rattle, 4 baby bottles, metal basket with box of Q-Tips, blue towel, pink plastic toy dog, and a sponge.  Also included is a baby bowl and spoon with a "How to Feed The Baby" book, a Birth Certificate and a box of "Stork Brand Diapers", and a Baby Book with a bar of Ivory Soap.  

Great set with some items I have never seen before.  The blanket,  baby, the roly poly bear,

and the rattle have all come loose from the card.  In the back of the package there is a Grandmother Stover's booklet showing other sets.

I ended up taking the card out of the original cellophane bag to get a better picture, the bag was already opened so I didn't disturb anything.


Item 289

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