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Vintage Tiny Tea Sets Plus Extra Pieces All Stamped "Japan"

Very charming tiny bisque tea sets, both missing some pieces.  There are two 2" round trays that are white with red trim, two 7/8" tea pots (both missing the lids)

one sugar bowl (missing the lid) one creamer, and three tea cups all with floral pattern.

The extra bisque pieces are a 7/8" tall bucket, white with red trim and a brown painted molded handle, a 1" round bowl, white with gold trim, a 3/4" tall pitcher, white with gold trim, and a 5/16" candle holder with handle, white with gold trim.

All in good played with condition, the                                                                                                                       painted areas show wear.  All pieces are                                                                                                                 stamped "Japan".


                                                                                                            Item 285

                                                                                                           [email protected]