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German Schneegas "Golden Oak" Upright Piano

This beautiful golden oak piano is 5 1/4" tall, 4 1/4" wide, and 2 7/8" deep.  The mirror has a nice scroll cut scalloped design and the keyboard cover lifts to reveal 9 movable keys

and two sheets of music glued to the under-

side of the keyboard cover.  I don't know if the music sheets are original, but they look nice.

The front two legs are nicely turned, and the piano sits on four little turned feet.  There is a very light crack in the wood just below the turned right leg.  The wood around it feels solid.

There is some excess glue showing in a few spots around the mirror that I think was from

the factory as the original paper is still on the back of the piano undisturbed. 


Item 243

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