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German Stable with Living Quarters

The lower left side of this wonderful 2 stall German stable opens up to reveal 1 room with soft green walls and paper litho floor paper.  Next to the stationary green door there is a lovely glass window with painted mullions (chip in one corner of the glass) and green shutters with yellow stripes.  There is a wooden flower pot glued to the shelf below the window.

Inside the stable there is a feeding trough and a place for the hay.  There is old wiring running up from the base to the ceiling with an old porcelain fixture and the most unusual light bulb I have ever seen.  This fixture and wiring could easily be removed leaving only a small hole in the floor.  Included are two old German composition horses that are not original to the stable 
but look right at home.  One horse has a chip in one leg 
but no break.  Both marked Germany.

There is an old repair to the roof just above the stable, but other than that it is in great condition.  I could not find another stable like this to compare so I can't say for sure if anything is missing.  Stamped on the bottom Made in Germany.  Stable measures just under 15" wide,  just under 6 1/2" deep, and 12" tall.

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