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Pet's Toy Grocery

Wonderful large Pet's Toy Grocery Store with the slogan "The Groceries Sold In This Store Are Guaranteed To Be Of The Finest Quality"  

This grocery store came to me empty and that is how I am selling it.  I added a few odds and ends of groceries that I had to show scale.  The store was also missing a counter so I added a replacement that will stay with the store.

Some years ago I bought an original "Pets Wooden Toy Novelties" catalog from 1910 by the S&G Importing Co.  Although this model isn't shown in this catalog it does say that all the groceries were "put up especially for us by the leading product manufacturers of the United States and guaranteed under the Pure Food Law".

This grocery store has all original paint, floor paper and wall paper.  It does show its age with wear and stains to the paint as well as to the wall and floor papers.  There is a large dark stain in the center of the bottom shelf and directly behind on the wall and floor.  With groceries it hides most of it.  The store measures 21" wide, 10 1/4" deep, and 15 1/2" tall to the top of the sign.  The Pets Grocery sign is wood with paper and fits into holes in the top of the room box.  With age it has begun to fit loosely and wobbles a bit.


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