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Wolverine Post Office with Original Accessories

Wonderful Wolverine Post Office in very good condition with only a few light surface scratches.  When open the metal background measures 23" wide and 12" tall in the center.  The gray flooring piece is 22 1/2" wide and 

11 1/2" deep.  The floor folds up for easy storage and is in very good condition with no issues.  The two counters are attached to the floor and serve as the lobby of the Post Office.

There are 4 cut out windows in the back wall that say,  "Money Order", "Registry", "Parcel Post", and "Stamps".  In between the windows are 2 slots for mail and a sign that reads "Hours of collection".  You can turn the dial to set the pick up time to 9:30, 12:30, or 4:30.  There is a scratch on the 9:30 setting (shown in picture)  In the lobby there are 2 cardboard stands, one holds 4 post cards, the other holds 4 Parcel Post tags.  Several of the tiny play stamps stuck to the back of one stand.  Also included, 

4 Postal Money Order slips, 10 pieces of blue paper, 6 blue envelopes (one is addressed and stamped, so cute)

several sheets of tiny "Toy Postage" stamps with some stamps missing. 


          Item 103    


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